Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Variations on a theme

Variations on a theme
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I sold the pendant pictured here in the lower right hand corner (or other left, as I like to call it!) some time ago. The customer contacted me later, asking for earrings to go along with it, but not the bird's nest pattern. So I sat down and using the agreed upon parameters of copper wire and the blue glass beads, I created an assortment for her to choose from.

I am happy with all my designs, especially the one in the upper left hand corner, which I will make in some other metal/bead combos in the next few days. Whichever designs my customer does not pick will be spread out across my online selling venues or take with me to Bowie Fall Festival, so it's not like I will have all these copper earrings with blue beads on my website or something.

This process also got me thinking about ways to ramp up production of my items. I like that most of my items are one of a kind, but making them one at a time is very time intensive. If I can make items in parallel- for example make a pile of earrings, even though they might not be alike in any way, or cut out a number of sewn items at a time to be constructed later- I will in the long run be able to greatly increase production. I think this will work out great for me as long as I find ways to continue to stretch my artistic muscles as I go.

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