Friday, July 23, 2010

How Many Works in Progress...

Originally uploaded by magscrafts too many? This question came up the other day in the forums on Ravelry, and so I answered just about yarn related WIPs. Even those I had like 9 things in progress. The original poster seemed upset because she had 2, and could not bring herself to start another.

With knitting, and really with nearly any type of project, you end up with different things that you can work on in different limited settings.

I am working on a seamless sweater for my plus sized self, so that large piece of knitting will not be leaving my house, thank you very much.

For knitting on the go, I have the cute little cotton shortie socks shown in the photo. I also have a pair of wool socks in progress, but I can only work on them in air conditioned areas. The cotton socks are perfect for knitting in parked cars while waiting for my kid at school.

Some projects, like lace for example, require focus that I cannot muster sitting in my "office" here at Panera.

Similar issues cause multiple projects in other crafty genres: the huge duvet cover for my niece is not quite a take along item, like a small piece of hand embroidery would be.

So my answer to how many is too many? I guess the sky is the limit!


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