Sunday, October 19, 2008

As Ready As I'll Ever Be

Fabric Collection
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I have been working for months to try to launch a line of bags that I would have available in multiple fabric choices. I started by ordering some fabrics in much larger quantities than I generally bought at a time. This was a bit scary as I wanted to order things I thought people would like, but try to avoid ordering fabrics that were being used everywhere. All this while considering that I could be left with the whole batch if I did not choose correctly, and that I wanted to be free to add new fabrics and discontinue old ones.

One thing I did not know before buying wholesale was that it sometimes takes a very long time for orders to arrive. For many of my supply sources I can get replenished in a week or less, but that is not true from the fabric wholesale houses.

Finally last week my last batch arrived! I have a whole list of bags I want to offer, but have only made a few so far in any of the fabric collection. I decided I need to just dive in with what I have, and add more items as I get samples made. If I wait until every last thing is ready, I will never move forward.

I am pretty excited to offer my laptop sleeves, which will be made to order based on customer supplied measurements. I also have eyeglass cases in the whole line of fabrics!

I made a new page on my website to show the available fabrics and styles, which I will be updating as new models are ready!


Waterrose said...

The fabric is beautiful! Good luck with your idea!

Anonymous said...

Your work is gorgeous! I think you made a great choice to take a risk and buy wholesale. Also, great to get some new fabrics circulating!