Monday, October 6, 2008

It All Started with Grocery Shopping

I did a massive grocery shopping this morning, and as I drove home with my purchases, I got depressed about the fact that they were packed in way too many plastic bags. For reasons I cannot comprehend, my local grocery clerks seem to pack only about 2 items per bag, unless it is canned goods, then they cram in so many the bag splits and the cans roll away across the parking lot!

Anyway, for months I have had plans in the works to make some shopping bags, but today's experienced made me resolve to do it and do it as soon as possible! By the time I got home, my mind was swimming with ideas for this new line of environmentally friendly bags. Ideas include bags meant to replace disposable items like grocery bags, and also bags made with recycled or sustainable materials. My mind is still reeling with the possibilities!


Lexi said...

Such a good idea... I keep wanting to switch to reusables too, can't wait to see what you guys make!
I love your other posts too- I've been just ogling everything on the blog!

Signs of Life said...

Wow, great idea! I bet you could get some green companies to pay you to put their logo on your bags... Just a thought. Great blog, look forward to reading more.


christina said...

I got so excited when i read you post. I live in Uganda, where they recently banned polythene bags. But you really MUST take a look at the crocheted polythene hand-bags that some of our community members were learning to make before that happened:

all the best