Monday, December 22, 2008

A cute little crafting idea

Aidan and I made these adorable little Rudolph candy canes for his preschool classmates. If your kids go to a school that allows them to celebrate and share their holiday traditions, this is an easy and affordable project that can be done in no time!

(your costs may vary slightly)

(2) 12 pack boxes of candy canes ($.88 each)
(1) package chenille stems (pipe cleaners) ($1/50 pack)
(1) bag 5mm googly eyes ($.89/60 pack)
(1) bag 10mm red pom poms ($.89/100 pack)
Regular white glue (no cost, we had some at home)

Total: $4.54 for 24 reindeer

The only real time associated with this project is the glue drying time.

-Add a tiny dot of glue for each eye and allow at least 1/2 an hour to dry before trying to add the pom pom nose. (If you add too much glue, the eyes will slide down, so it's best to do the gluing in stages.)
-Once the eyes are dried, add the pom poms and again, allow at least 1/2 an hour of drying time.
-Finally, the antlers- fold one chenile stem in half, loop it around the hook of the candy cane and twist it tightly to keep it in place.
-Grab both ends of the stem and fold in a zig zag motion, then seperate the two pieces and pull out from ends slightly to adjust them.

That's it!

Aidan had a lot of fun with this- he calls them "Oobi eye Rudolphs" (anyone with preschoolers who watch Noggin will get his analogy)

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Leslie said...

So cute! I remember making these when i was in kindergarten. *sigh* those were the days life was easy & boys had cooties.