Friday, February 13, 2009

30 days of 365 Part III

30 days of 365
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I uploaded photo number 90 yesterday in my 365 project. Even though it took me longer than 30 days once again to post the last 30 pictures, I am happy to have pushed through and continued. I have been trying to stretch my "ahteestic" wings and making fiber art postcards, ATCs and collages, most of which are going to be traded. (The collage might be auctioned off to benefit the American Cancer Society, I will post about that again later once I sign up!)

As you can see, I also had a couple of "earring-o-ramas" in the time span. Last week I made over 22 pairs of earrings, and I need to get the ones I have left listed online to sell, hopefully this weekend.

OK, back to work for me!


Sandy said...

upemuInteresting, dedicating some part of each and every day to my knitting and crocheting is my goal, and I reach it 98% of the time, even if only a few rows some days while bunches other days. But, I've never called it work. Blogging with each other to hold each other accountable is a good move.

Stop in, love visitors, and continued luck with your projects.


vhingF said...

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