Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Craft for Kids

Aidan and I decided to make little valentines for his classmates as opposed to buying the boring (and pricey for what they are!) little cards you can buy at the store. We made a dozen of them (with leftovers to make several dozen more) for $4.50.


Pink & Red Construction Paper
3" round paper doilies
glue stick
individually wrapped heart candies
Magic marker or crayon in color of your choice
*optional- low tack glue dots

For our purposes, we used 2 sheets of red and 2 sheets of pink. First, I measured 4 1/2" squares and cut them out (6 red, 6 pink). Then Aidan took out his trusty glue stick and adhered the paper doilies to the center of each square.

Next, I measured the size of the chocolate hearts we were using and with the scraps of construction paper leftover, cut out 12 heart shapes (again 6 red, 6 pink) -1/2" larger on all sides than the candy piece.

Aidan then wrote one classmate's name in the center of each heart.

Finally, Aidan glued the bottom 2/3 of the heart (along the edge) and with my assistance, attached it to the doily like a pocket. We let them dry overnight and this morning, slipped a chocolate heart into each one. I think they came out really cute!

*I had some of those gummy glue dots left over from another project and decided that to survive the trip to school without candy falling out all over the place, it would be wise to adhere a dot to the backside of each candy to secure it in place inside the heart pocket.


Maggie said...

Great job! Wow he worked hard, just getting all the names written must have been a chore!

Stormee said...

Those are really cute. I will share with you that I wish I had been more crafty with my children, now they are all grown. I know that you are cherishing these times.

Lyla said...'s so cute...great job :)di