Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Making the Best of It

Starting this week, and perhaps continuing for the rest of my life (not really, but it will probably seem like it), I started a serious stint of being Mom's Taxi Service. My younger son is starting high school this year, and we are sending him to a great school- but the one down side is that although it is not so far as the crow flies, I am not a crow, so it takes a chunk of time to get there.

This week he has football conditioning camp from 9-1 4 days a week. Four hours is right on the borderline of it not being worth it for me to go all the way home. I have a part time job as a cashier at The shops at Fabian House for a few of the days. For the remaining days, I needed to find something to do. For the last few seasons, I sat at the field while the boy practiced football, but I feel like he needed me to disappear this year.

Yesterday I wandered a bit aimlessly, but at about 11am it occurred to me that I should go to the library! Perfect place with lovely climate control and free internet! They do not open until 10, so this morning I found a park where I could sit and make some beaded bookmarks. I am going to throw my nice camp chair in the car so I can sit in any shade I can find and sew if I want to. Anyway, I feel pretty good- with my travel mug of coffee and my pb and j sandwich, I will not spend any money today. (Yesterday's wanderings involved a $4 stop at Starbucks. They did have a nice patio with peppy music playing, but I don't want to spend money every time I leave the house!)

Oh, and I have made some progress on my torching! Last night I finished my first ring, and it was also the first bezel I finished all by myself since class. (I sawed up the first attempt because it was too ugly to save.)


Sweetwater Designs said...

oh, it's lovely. I keep trying to bezel set my glass cabochons but things never go quite right...I did have an almost perfect first attempt~ go figure!

Tara Beaulieu said...

That ring looks fab, Mags! You need to take a close up shot of it... glad at least one of us is having a good time with the torch this week. LOL! :) Go you!