Friday, June 19, 2009

My Inspiration Pieces for the New House!

Today was spent daydreaming of things I'll put in my new house when we move next month. Some already belong to me, some we'll be buying and others are pipedreams, LOL!

Our new house is a 1971 one level ranch house with wood paneling, dark cabinet doors, ancient wall to wall carpeting and outdated lighting. The great thing about it is it's an open concept space with a giant fireplace in the center and a picture window on one end and a giant sliding glass door on the other. I am hopeful that this brighter, cleaner color combination will liven up the space and turn it into the beachy chic place I dream it can be!

I think this still fits the theme of our blog because this palette is definitely inspirational to me to be creative and there actually are a few things mixed in that I either made or am planning to use to make something... The basic color palette is white and brown for my grounding pieces (walls, cabinets, furniture) and the pops of color will be turquoise, grannysmith apple green and even a tiny bit of orange. Metals/fixtures will be in the silvertone/brushed nickel family.. What do you think?

You can view each photo in full size on I have included details of what each piece is and where you can buy like items where applicable. I hope I inspire some of you to make something new or spruce up a room in your own home!


Maggie said...

Wow this is going to be fab! Are you going to paint the existing cabinets or get new doors?

Tara Beaulieu said...

We're painting the existing cabinets white but there is a section of cabinet that hangs over a peninsula and it blocks your view into the dining area.

I need the storage space, so we can't tear them out- instead I'm going to replace the cabinet doors on just that section with some glass paned doors and use that to display my Blue Heaven dishware. :)