Saturday, September 26, 2009

Celebrating our 100th Blog Post with a Swap!

It's official, we've been around a while! With the publishing of this post, Maggie and I have blogged 100 entries and we thought to celebrate we would host a swap! The theme of the swap will be "Things That Inspire". The idea is to come up with a variety of items that are inspirational to you, which you think might also be inspirational to others.

In the spirit of our crafty mamas blog, we encourage handmade items but are also cool with purchased things if that is your preference. To keep it reasonable for everyone who wants to participate, we have set a $15 maximum limit for supplies and other purchases.

Some suggestions for possible swap items are: music mix CD, inspirational quotes, crafty goodies that you love to make, photos or drawings, materials for people to make their own goodies, etc.

The deadline for signing up to participate is October 10th. We are aiming to have all our swap partners paired up by the middle of the month so everyone can ship their inspiration packages to their partners by October 30th.

If you want to participate in the swap, please leave us a comment. Sign up, get creative with your ideas and be inspired!

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Maggie said...

Wow! 100 posts is a lot since you and I tend to be sporadic bloggers!

Everybody please be sure to leave us a way to contact you!