Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm Embracing Autumn

Okay well not really but making the best of it! I am a beach girl, that's the plain and simple of it- I hate cold weather, I hate sniffles and shorter hours of daylight. New England is not the place for me from October to May!

That being said, I am trying to put up my brave face and greet the chilly weather looking fabulously stylish. I treated myself today to a bit of shopping for some pretty new clothes appropriate for cool weather. Have a looksie:

Finally found a pair of flat leather boots (everything in the stores seem to have death heels on them!) from Piperlime and they're on sale right now!

Then last night my new Soul-Flower fall catalog arrived so I had to do a little shopping from there as well- If you've never shopped them, Soul Flower is really cool, they are eco friendly, sell Fair Trade items and I love the uniqueness of their pieces!
Here is a taste of what I bought from them:

And then good old Gap and Old Navy- I found this dress in my local store on sale for $4.50, so I got it in brown and navy blue.

The tights are from and I think they'll be cute with my new boots and the dresses above!

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Lexi said...

Loving the clothes!