Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Six years ago today

39 weeks pregnant with the baby we'd been praying for, trying for for 3 years. I had a doctor's appointment, fingers crossed that there was some progress, but I came home and reported to Ed "no change". He was working the 11-8 shift so we had time to have breakfast together before he left- I made fried eggs sandwiches. "I'm gonna go lay down, I don't feel so hot, maybe I shouldn't have eaten eggs" I told him. He kissed me and left for work. I napped until around 2, still not feeling so hot, I called the doctor, told her my symptoms and she said I should go take a non-stress test at the hospital. I told her I'd wait for Austin to get home off the bus and then head over. 3:45 and Austin is off the bus. I had packed a backpack full of crayons, paper, juiceboxes and his favorite collection of Dr. Seuss to help him stay occupied while we waited around at the hospital. Quickly we discovered the reason for my "upset stomach". Apparently I'd gone into labor within minutes of leaving my doctor's appointment that morning and was already at 8cm!

I called Ed and told him to come to the hospital, I was being checked in. He asked "should I finish my shift?" LOL! Not unless you want your son to be born before you get here! (Silly man!)

And so together, my brave little Aussie and I waited for Papa (and Aidan) to arrive. Aus kept me company by reading "Horton Hears a Who". "Such a good big brother he's going to be!" I thought to myself (and so he is). Papa arrived and gave kisses all around, Nana arrived and took Austin home for some dinner and relaxing time- they'd come back when the baby was born- Then at 10:17pm Aidan Michael Beaulieu joined our family.
Darling, sweet Aidan with your glowing blue eyes and infectious giggle. You make our lives so much richer, so much sillier and so filled with happiness. I love you more than the moon and the stars in the sky, my big boy! Happy 6th birthday! Love, Your Mama

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Maggie said...

So sweet it made me cry!