Sunday, December 27, 2009

Woven Wonders

woven fabric 1
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A few weeks ago, Karen (my partner in Chickadee Friends) and I went to an astounding exhibit of woven glass art pieces. Examples of the woven glass can be seen here. The artists are named Markow and Norris. Anyway, this exhibit was so wonderful, neither of us can get it out of our head.

Fast forward to Christmas, and I get an electric rotary cutting machine, which cuts strips galore with no muscle power needed from me. So tonight I cut a ton of strips from fabric in an assortment of rainbow colors, and wove them together to make a new fabric. Before I did my weaving, I pinned some parchment onto a board, and then layered some Mistyfuse fusible web, then pinned my white strips vertically. I wove my colored strips in, pinned the ends, and then ironed the whole thing to my Mistyfuse. I plan to cut this up and use it on some pieces I am doing for an art swap.

I want to play with different textures with this method too.


mistyfuse said...

Glad I stumbled upon this today! It looks so good and like so much fun that I think I'm going to have to get one of those cutters, too!
Here's a slight variation on fusing technique that you might also like ..... Apply Mistyfuse to the back of your fabrics first and let them cool a few moments until they feel dry to the touch. Then cut the strips (even stack up the fabrics if you like), weave them (back or fuse side always down); then iron. Mistyfuse won't ooze out the sides so the top will be perfect and you'll get a very strong weave that holds together- even between the strips where they overlap- when you cut it up. (Of course always protect your ironing surface from fusible by building on parchment or a Teflon coated pressing sheet). Now.... I'm off to look for one of those cutters!

Maggie said...

oh, that would be nice, I find I got some flappy pieces when I cut. I am going to quilt the project rather heavily, so I think I am ok. I might have been reluctant to put the fusible through the cutter on the first day I tried it anyway.