Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's Time to Just Do It!

0823 ID badge holders
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OK, I have two opposing forces at work in my life these days. The first is that I want to raise the bar on my work and make more artistic items, exploring new techniques and materials as I go. The reward for these efforts is often far off, and the results of these explorations not always anything fit for public view.

The opposite force is the need to keep my business running and replenish the inventory I am selling now. These items might not be the fancy artistic pieces I long to produce, but they are the bread and butter of my business at the moment. One example is the 6 ID badge holders I made today. They are simple beaded strands (of the any primate could make them variety recently referred to in Tara's post), but I try to choose pleasing colors and combinations of beads that people would love to wear, and offer them at a reasonable price.

So my short term business goals will be going down 2 paths- First to explore areas that keep me stretching as an artist and help me figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Second to make as much great stuff as I can from the massive supply of materials I have already bought!

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