Friday, August 22, 2008

Useful Art?

her highness
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I seem to have a real mental block about my work. The thing is, I think if something is useful it isn't art. So I don't think of myself as an artist. More like "someone who makes stuff". But I want to be an artist, or at least explore my artistic side more.

To work on finding my inner artist, I decided to do some work on some fiber art items. Even then I have been making the pieces into earrings or brooches or hair pins, and imagining them as part of a journal cover. I can't let them just stand for themselves as a piece.

So I saw a tutorial somewhere talking about how to use a photograph as a jumping off point for a fabric portrait. I decided I would get a good picture of my cat, and use that to try the technique. This is not easy feat- I have been trying to get a decent photo of my cat for years. So I took it as a positive sign that I got this pretty good one of her today.

Tara told me it would be cute on a bag...I told her then it would not be art...

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The Shell Sellers said...

ROFL, you are hilarious. ;)