Thursday, August 28, 2008

She May be a Dummy...

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...but she is my dummy! I spent a huge chunk of time in the yard the other day getting some photos of various items as modelled by my mannequin, who I named Rhoda after the character from the tv series of the same name.

I bartered for Rhoda some time ago, and have lugged her out a few times to get product shots, but I really think I need to do more of it to help people see the scale of my items.

I had some trouble getting things in focus, which I think can be remedied by more practice. THe other issue is that poor Rhoda has no arms or legs, which means I often get either the chair behind her that is holding her up, or sometimes purses are longer than her torso, and hang down where her legs should be. THis does not make me love her less, I bartered for her and she is the best thing ever, but she is no bracelet model!

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