Saturday, August 30, 2008

Organized for Inspiration

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Our house is quite small, so I do not have a dedicated studio. I carve little work areas out where I can. For sewing, I recently started using the vanity area in our bedroom. It has a nice desk sized work surface. My problem, though, was storage. I had all kinds of bits and pieces, often in the box or envelope they arrived in, shoved under the desk, or pushed to the side on top of the desk.

This arrangement was incredibly frustrating! If I would sew on anything bigger than about 8x10 inches, the fabric would catch things and drag them onto the floor. Also, it is hard to let your materials inspire you from inside a priority mail flat rate box.

So I went to IKEA one day last week, and bought some shelves to mount on the wall, and some jars and boxes to put my supplies into. Today, my fabulous husband hung the shelves for me (not easy- just behind that wall is our medicine cabinet in the bathroom!). Then I spent the early evening putting my supplies on the shelves.

My favorite things are the jars of fabric scraps- some plain, some already outfitted with fusible web. I had these scraps laying on the desk before, and I was forever having to pick them up off the floor. NOw they sit so nicely in their jar and inspire me!

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